Sunday, July 20, 2014

Molley is 2!

I can't believe that my baby turns 2 today. It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to meet our beautiful miracle from God, and today she turns 2.

She has been an amazing addition to our family. She is a handful, for sure! She is stubborn and always wants to do things for herself, or at least try before she lets you help. She is active, loving, loud, and a lover of Minnie Mouse. She is a girl who knows what she wants, and is not afraid to let anyone know what that is or what she thinks. She can be a girly girl at times, but don't dare try to put a bow in her hair!She studies everything and thinks about things before answering questions. Molley is a daddy's girl for sure.

She has developed so much this year! From scooting to walking to running to jumping - she is a girl on the go! She had only a few words in March, and now she says over 40, and is puts words into sentences.

My baby girl on her birthday.

And on her 1st birthday

 Happy birthday, baby girl. We love you more than you will ever know!