Thursday, August 7, 2014


It's official - I have a kindergartner in the house.

And in case you were wondering, I still think of David like this, bundled with his favorite blankie.

David was beyond excited. His favorite part, the bus. Wanna know why? "No seat belts mom." Yeah, not sure how I feel about that one.

He gets on the bus early, like 6:45 early. We are hoping he wants daddy to take him to school eventually (which would mean daddy could drop off as late as 7:50). He is used to getting up, watching some TV, goofing off, and then going to daycare not on any set schedule. Not anymore. Kiddo will get up at 6am, brush his teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, and out the door he will go.

For day 1, he didn't want to buy a lunch, so I packed. Packing is my preference for budget reasons, but we will let him decide. Wanna know what he learned on his first day?
"Mom, if you don't have a lunch, you just go in and they give you a tray of food!" 
When do you think he will figure out that someone has to pay for that lunch? 
Day two he totally wanted to buy a school lunch.

If you don't listen in kindergarten, you walk laps at recess. A classmate found that out the hard way on day one. David does not want to walk laps. He will always listen to his teacher.

It's okay to sit with friends on the bus and at lunch and not know or ask their names. "Mom, maybe tomorrow I'll ask."

A few weeks before school started this conversation was had...
"Mom, why can't I ride the bus home"
"Well, buddy, mommy can't get there to get you off the bus. Mommy doesn't get off work until after you get out of school."
"Oh, is that why I have to go to K-Care"
"Yup buddy, it is."
"Oh, I wanted to ride the bus home."

After his first day...
"Mom, I love kindergarten! The bus was awesome! Can I come again tomorrow?!"
"Yes, buddy"
"Mom, I liked K-Care too. I got chips and salsa!"

Thank you for taking such good care of my baby.

Kindergarten will continue to be a huge adjustment for us. David and Molley are no longer in the same place for ease of pick-up. She is very concerned about where he is after he gets on the bus. David now has a very structured day. We don't have those at all in the summer. Now he will be on the bus (until we convince him otherwise) at 6:45 and I will pick him up by 4 from K-Care. This is a much longer day than he is used to. We will work to figure out how our schedule needs to change. Molley isn't used to getting up that early, and neither is Nate for that matter! I am also used to running errands after school, and those will end as we adjust to David being at school for much more of his day. I know that he will be fine - I just need to adjust to my baby being away from me for so much longer!

The excitement melts my heart! I wish that everyone could see the world through the eyes of a 5year old. So magical, so simple, so wonderful.