Tuesday, October 29, 2013


David has a Bible that we received from church when he was a toddler. It's a children's Bible with pictures and such. He has always loved his Bible, but recently has been "reading" it more and more by himself. He sleeps with it, and even takes it to school sometimes.

Today he took the Bible in Nate's car and left it there. On any other night, this probably would not be an issue, but tonight, Nate has a meeting.

David: Mom, I need my Bible.
Me: Where is it, buddy?
David: tears in eyes Daddy's car.
Me: Bud, I will bring it in as soon as daddy gets home. Let's pick another book for tonight.
David: still with tears in his eyes okay mommy.

90 minutes later

David: Mom, is daddy home yet?
Me: No David. You need to be asleep!
David: crocodile tears But I need my Bible, mom. I need to sleep with it.
Me: frantically texting Nate to see if he will be home soon, with no luck Go to bed buddy.
David: sobbing in his room

How do you not want to find your child a Bible, anything they love, when they ask like that.

A few minutes later

Me: David, I can't give you your Bible, but what if I give you another special one?
David: Where?
Me: I can let you sleep with mommy's Bible from when she was a little girl. You'll have to be careful. It's old and the pages are fragile.
David: Mommy, I'll be so careful. Even more gentle than I am with Molley. Mommy, will you read me a story from your Bible?
Me: Of course buddy. Which story?
David: Read me the story of when God mad the earth. Mommy, did you know that before I came out of your belly, I was with God watching and helping God protect the earth? I was sitting next to him. Then he put me in your belly.

Melt. I love my baby boy. So insightful.