Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas in February?

So I'm behind on my blogging. Like really behind. I blame Nate - all of my pictures were hanging out there waiting to be converted from raw to usable.

Now, commence Christmas photo bomb! It really was so much fun this year. David was so into Santa and getting his Batman car. He loved helping Molley open her presents, and was so excited to give me the present he picked out with Daddy. Nate pushed him to pick out kitchen utensils, which were needed. When they were almost done, David found a snow globe with an angel. "Mommy likes angels, I get her this." is what he told Nate. My boy knows me so well. :)

Secrets out. Molley likes to hit the bottle.

Waiting to see if Santa brought the Batman car!


A Jake movie!!

Molley loved her toy!

Remote control car!

 A BIG box of fun!

I'm cool, I know it. :)

Very focused.

David and daddy.

This was all Molley wanted to do,

Showing me the snow globe.