Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Months

Age: Molley is 7months old
Weight: 19 lbs 1oz

Length: 28 inches
Sizes: She is in size 2 diapers, but moving to size 3 when she finishes this pack. She is in 6-9 month clothes. Her feet are still tiny and fit size 1 shoes with some room.

Eyes: They are starting to change. I think we'll have a brown eyed girl.
Hair: Dark's getting longer! I actually put a clip in it the other day. Wasn't pretty, but it stayed!

Sleeping: We're still working on that. She'll get the hang of it eventually.
Eating: She takes 5ish oz every 3hrs. She eats 3 meals of solids a day. She loves to eat from a spoon now!
Milestones: She has nailed sitting. She loves to sit and play with David. She is also eating solids, and we're working on picking foods up with our fingers. Mum-mums are her favorite.
Memorable outings: Molley got to see her cousin, Justin, get baptized this month!
Favorite toys/activities:  Sitting and playing with her brother. She loves Sophie and her highchair toys.
Words/sounds: Still likes to sing, or scream. Depends on her mood.
Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Molley-Molls (that's what they call her at school), MuMu
Funny moments: Just watching David with Molley is entertainment. Some days he wants to do everything to help, including the diapers. Some days, he wants nothing to do with her. Most days he wants to be helpful.He asks me constantly "can Molley chase me yet" Not yet, bud, but soon. :)
Looking forward to: Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.