Tuesday, November 27, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

This year I've decided to do a 25 Days of Christmas photo challenge.  I got it from a pin I saw. This was the list from last year. I haven't found a new one for this year, but last years list will work for me. I will be starting on December 1st, and will post a new picture each day.

In case you want to join, here's the list I'll be using:
Day 1: Lights
Day 2: Decorations
Day 3: Gifts
Day 4: Tradition
Day 5: Santa
Day 6: Stockings
Day 7: Snow
Day 8: Tree
Day 9: Treats
Day 10: Joy
Day 11: Carols
Day 12: Vintage
Day 13: Festive
Day 14: Glitter
Day 15: Warmth
Day 16: Ornaments
Day 17: Wreath
Day 18: Giving
Day 19: Reindeer
Day 20: Memories
Day 21: Bells
Day 22: Cookies
Day 23: Sparkle
Day 24: Christmas Eve
Day 25: Unwrapped

Happy picture taking!