Saturday, March 17, 2012

New spring wreath

New season means new wreath. My Pinterest board has been full of ideas and I've been itching to craft!

I wanted something springy and still super easy. I decided to stay with my yarn wreaths. This time I opted for a spring green color with pink, purple, and white flowers. I choose a different type of flower than my other yarn wreaths. I'm horrible at taking pictures while I'm crafting. Here is how they turned out, and there is a great tutorial here.

I added a band of pink and white to balance out the flowers. I tend to go flower crazy, and wanted to keep this wreath simple. 
I love how the finished wreath turned out. I asked Nate what his opinion was and he said "Looks like we're celebrating a baby girl." I told him I was going for spring, and he said it did that too.