Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cooking with David

David loves to help me...with anything. He likes to help mommy put things away, go potty, and every now and then he actually likes to help mommy clean. His new thing is to help me cook. He brings over his stool so he is tall enough and will help do anything that I will let him.

Last week, he helped me make dinner. We made Pepperoni Roll-up's that I found on Pinterest. Crescent rolls, pepperoni, and cheese sticks. Couldn't get any easier. After I got all of the ingredients out, David went to town and made them pretty much by himself.

Forced smile that I asked for before we started

Getting to work

Sampling the pepperoni

All done!

After the roll-up's, we made some chocolate, chocolate chip muffins. Yumm!


It is so much fun having him in the kitchen helping me! He is so careful when we measure and he makes sure that he follows all of my directions. He's getting so big!