Monday, July 20, 2015


Today my baby girl turns three.  How is that even possible?  She is growing up way too fast. Seriously, wasn't it just yesterday that I posted these pictures of her?

Molley can make anyone smile. She is a stubborn little gal, with a slight flair for the dramatic. She loves pink, princesses, and her brother. She can mess with him, but no one else had better try! She loves to play outside with her friend, hunt for frogs with her David, but keep the bugs way from her! Dancing and singing are some of her favorite activities, and one of these days she will be potty trained. Molley loves to wake me up in the morning and cuddle. I may tell Nate that I don't like to get up so early, but I secretly love the morning cuddles. She cares for her babies, and makes a mean cup of pretend tea. She will even make you pizza if you ask.

Happy birthday, baby girl. We are so blessed that God picked us to be your parents. We love you so much!!!

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday

This is a few weeks old. Catching her still has become a challenge!!