Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Pirate's Life for Me!

Last weekend we had a very pirate-y day. David had talked for weeks (umm...months) about his pirate party and how much fun he was going to have. He was so excited when the day finally came. I have to admit, I was too. :) This was a fun theme to do for a party! Photo bomb to follow!

David wanted to be Captain Hook

Which of course meant that daddy needed to be Mr. Smee.

Some of the decorations


I wanted to do a craft, and what better one than treasure chests! These are empty formula containers(free) that I spray painted brown. I bought some foam stickers online and let the kids decorate their own. So what if the paint didn't stick as well as I had hoped, it was still a fun and cheap craft!

Walking the plank

Did I get a good picture of him sitting still with his cupcake, nope. Did he have fun, absolutely. That's all that matters, right?