Monday, January 21, 2013

1/2 a year

Age: Molley is 6 months old
Weight: 17 lbs 11oz

Length:  27.5 inches
Sizes: She is in size 2 diapers. We are in 6 month clothes for the most part. 3-6 still fit. 6-9 are big, but she has so many more choices in that size, so we moved up.

Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Dark's getting longer!

Sleeping: We're still working on that. She usually gives us a nice 6hr stretch, eats, and then sleeps for another 6hrs.
Eating: She takes 4ish oz every 3hrs. She also has solids at dinner time.
Milestones: Sitting! She can stay up for a few minutes before she falls over, giggles, and wants to do it again. She is also taking solids much better now. She is a blend baby. Not a fan of single flavord foods.
Memorable outings: Christmas! She was baby Jesus at church. She also went to her first indoor water park. Molley loved being in the water and watching everyone else. Splashing was a hit.
Favorite toys/activities:  The jumparoo! She is starting to enjoy her toys more and more though. She loves Sophie.
Words/sounds: She loves to sing! Boy that girl will be a talker when she starts. She loves to talk with you.
Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Molley-Molls (that's what they call her at school), MuMu is what TeTe calls her. I kinda like it!
Funny moments: Every interaction she has with David always ends up in giggles! He will tell me that Molley needs something, like cheese. He knows she can't eat cheese yet, but he says "Well, I'll just show her how so she will know." Using his baby sister for snacks! At least he sits and really does show her how to eat the snacks.
Looking forward to:Trying more foods, watching her figure things out on her own, sleeping more, watching her interact more and more with David.