Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainy Saturday Fun

A few weekends ago, it was rainy, cold, and gross. What to do with a 2 year old...

Nate decided to take David to see an IMAX movie about polar bears. It was only 40 minutes, the perfect length for a little guy. I would get mommy time, and they would get bonding time. David had other ideas. "I NO GO IF MOMMY NO GO!!" he screamed.  We tried everything to get him to go with daddy with no success. So with 45 minutes to starting, me with no shower, and 40 minutes to the theater with drive plus parking time,  I quickly got ready and to the movie with baby doll and blankie in tow.

David was excited about the big theater and going to see a movie. He was excited about the glasses - until he put them on for the opening credits. Ice shattered and came at him, he was done with the glasses. He had to have jumped 3 feet out of my lap. He shoved his face in blankie and held on to baby tight as he could. He didn't even want me to wear my glasses, which was okay because 3D movies make me sick. He sat still until the last 10 minutes when he was done, but a few snacks kept him in check.

After the movie, it was lunch time. Nate took us to a Japanese steak house, like Benihana's, only in a shady part of town and for way less. The food was still really good though! We thought David would love watching them cook. A big flame to start things off changed his mind, and he wanted nothing to do with the chef. He was smitten with the soup though.

Thankfully our little guy took a nap in the car, so I got to run and pick up some clothes for baby girl that I bought from someone else, then it was home we went. On the way, we passed a sign for a fish fry at the fire station down the road.  Nate's grandfather used to work there, so Nate thought it would be fun to call them up and go. Downside - I hate fish. Upside, they had tenderloins.

We met his grandparents and his parents there and David was so excited to see the fire engines, eat his hot dog, and try some fish, which he loved. It was loud and busy, so no one minded him being a squirmy 2 year old - he even found some other squirmy kids to run around with. After eating, Nate took him out to see some of the fire engines up close. So cool!

So, I may have not gotten my mommy time, my house cleaned, or my nap, but I did get to spend a fun day with my boys. I look forward to spending more days with them like that, and adding a little girl to the mix.