Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Who doesn't love Easter?As a kid, you get to see the Easter bunny, get candy and a cool basket, plus hunt for eggs. As an adult, you get to see your kids do all of the fun things you did as a kid. Smiles all around.

David had a blast this year. The Easter Bunny made a visit at church on Palm Sunday. David was nervous at first, but excited to see him. Then he left and David was very concerned that the bunny had gotten lost. We had to immediately go look for him, but alas he was no where to be found, as he had returned to service in street clothes. So for a week, we searched high and low for the bunny to no avail. That is until the day before Easter when he returned to church for the annual Easter egg hunt! David had a blast at the hunt, getting his face painted, heard some stories, and of course hunted some eggs.

Didn't want to look at the camera, he might lose bunny again!

Story time!

 Hanging with daddy before the hunt. He's giving the peace sign.


Easter also calls for coloring some eggs. This was a favorite of David and he has been eating Easter eggs ever since. I actually went and bought 18 more eggs to color just so we could have more Easter eggs. Apparently hard boiled eggs are no good, but a colored shell makes them edible.

Of course the bunny came to visit our house. David was most excited  by the $1 squishy frog I bought at Target. Not the Hex Bug, the rocket, the sunglasses, the root viewing/worm house, or the candy. The frog. Note taken.

Last but not least, we wrapped up the weekend with an egg hunt at Nene and Papa's house with cousin Justin, his friend, and baby Lyla. The big guys were very nice and left easy eggs for David to find and fun was had by all. In the end, they all actually ended up with the same number of eggs without us splitting them up for them.

Fun was had by all over the holiday weekend. Traditions were started and will be continued for years to come.

***None of this is to say that we don't celebrate Christ and his resurrection through this time as well. David doesn't totally get Jesus or God yet, though we talk about it daily. As he gets older, we will tie more and more religious meaning into the holiday.

He spent Lent collecting money for One Great Hour of Sharing. We filled our fish bank pretty full. The money went to help buy seeds for people and to teach them to grow his own food. David didn't understand the seed concept, but understood fruit snacks, so when he added money to his bank we talked about how that would help buy all the kids fruit snacks. He also loved giving money to the Salvation Army at Christmas. That went to helping buy trains for all of the kids.