Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day 2: Memories

I have a lot of Christmas memories. Mom and dad always made it special; from picking out the perfect gifts to making us sit at the stop of the stairs and waiting until the rolls were in the oven, the music was on...God only know what all they did while they made us wait, for what seemed like forever.

I always adored the 11 service at church. Candle light and hymns. I remember the year it got cancelled because of weather. Even though I was in college, I was devastated and had no idea how Christmas could go on without it.

Mom used to have a Christmas party every year between the 8 and 11 services. It started out so people in the choir had a fun evening between singing at the services. How I loved that! When serviced got changed and people left the choir, the party was on different evening in December. Then one year, she didn't have it. Don't think she didn't hear about that! This year she didn't have it either - there is too much going on and not enough time. That party and the people associated with it is an amazing Christmas memory.