Friday, October 17, 2014

David says...

On temperature control...

David: Mom, can you turn on the coldconditioner?
Me: The air conditioner?
David: No, the cold one. I don't want any hot airs melting my chocolate.

On movie selection...

Me: Let's watch The Lion King.
David: Mom, don't forget that I'm not a fan of lions.

On breaking a wish bone...

Me: David, when you break the wish bone, you make a wish and don't tell anyone. The person with the bigger side will have their wish come true.
David: Okay mom, let's do it.
Break...mommy got the bigger side
Me: (after setting it down without saying anything) Okay bud, let's get ready for bed.
David: (sobbing)
Me: What's wrong buddy?
David: (Still sobbing) I want my wish to come true. Now I will never see the ninja turtles!
Me: (sobbing with him) It's okay bud, wishes come true all of the time.
David: Not mine! My side was smaller and I told you my wish! It will never come true now.

Guess what compilation of animated shows I bought the next day. Mental note to never do a wishbone again.

On birthdays...

David: Mom, your birthday is soon.
Me: Yup
David: Are you going to have a parent only party?
Me: I probably won't have a party bud.
David: WHAT?! You HAVE to have a party!
Me: Well, we have a lot going on right now bud. Mommy doesn't need a party. I don't know what kind of party I would have anyway/.
David: Yes you do! I will plan it. It won't be a pink party either. We will have games - fun ones, not boring games. Like maybe we can go on a hunt for frogs mom. That would be an awesome game!

Not sure his idea of fun and mine are the same....

On packing school lunches....

Me: Hey bud, what do you want for lunch tomorrow?
David: Um...I think I'm going to be really hungry tomorrow. I need a sandwich, apple, banana, chips, milk, dessert, yogurt...
Me: Whoa bud, that's a lot of food for a little guy.
David: Mom, I'm growing. I can eat it all.
Me: Okay bud.
David: And mom, you can give me 2 desserts. That would be okay..

Wouldn't you know, that kids did get 2 desserts the next day.


One bedtime...

David: Mom, can I get one more hug and kiss?

Always bud, always.