Thursday, May 8, 2014

David Says...

On the subject of weather...

They had a tornado drill at school.
David: Mrs. Lori, I am so glad we aren't in the scary hall way this year
Mrs. Lori: The scary hallway?
David: Yeah, the one with the door at the end. The tornado could suck us right out!

David: Mrs. Lori. I know that you will do your best to keep us safe, but only God can decide if the tornado takes us.

Where does he learn this stuff?


On the subject of the Easter Bunny...

Catching me eat a piece of candy
David: The Easter Bunny left that for me, not you. You must not have been good. You didn't get a basket.

David: Mom, did you know there are scout bunnies?! Just like Santa has.

Lord help me if I have to remember to move a bunny around for a month like I do the elf at Christmas.


On the hiccups

David: Molley has the hiccups! It's funny.
Me: I don't think she likes them.
David: She must have drank her water too fast. You have to drink slow.
Nate: Sometimes you have to scare them out.
David: Dad, hiccups aren't scared of nothin.


On the Mini500

Nate: David, daddy ran a race today. Want to see his medal?
David: You won the whole race?
Nate: No.
David: You have a medal, daddy. They only give out a medal to the winner. You won the whole race!

Daddy will always be his hero.


On secrets...

Me: All mommy wants for Mother's Day is for someone to clean her house.
David: Anything else mommy? Don't you want anything else?
Me: What else could mommy want?
David: A flower pot?
Me: Yes, I do need a flower pot.
David:'s a secret mom. Don't tell anyone I told you. I made you one at school.


On bedtime...

David: Mom, don't forget to give me a hug and a kiss.

Never, baby boy. Mommy will never forget.